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We work with the most highly reputable brands in the market to make sure of your satisfaction.

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Hair should be easy, look beautiful, and be flattering. It can be stylish without being trendy. Thanks to new products and treatments, hair is healthier than ever before. That vitality – in its bounce, shine, texture – will say you take care of yourself and make an effort to put your best forward.

Everyone holds the secret to looking great within themselves. We help bring that out by observing and listening, and by matching innovative treatments and techniques with how you really live. We draw upon your inner energy, care for it briefly and return it, restoring a feeling of healthful radiance.


It’s about you.

At Tortola, we want to help you feel good about yourself. We’ll direct you to the right cut, style, color or treatment so you present yourself with confidence. After all, your hair is just one piece of a total picture. Be who you are.

A welcoming place.

More than a neighborhood salon, we are welcoming. It’s our diversity that enriches what we do. Whether in blue jeans, a ball gown or a business suit, we treat everyone the same way, which is how we want to be treated.

Our salon is open and modern, and equally comfortable for men and women. In fact, a third of our clients are men. The atmosphere is relaxed and pressure-free. We have close relationships with many of our clients and work with three generations of some families.

Creating bonds.

Our business is personal and professional. Our clients count on us for an occasional last-minute appointment, confidential and candid advice, and a fresh, genuine effort to help you look and feel your best.

We respect you and your time, and appreciate your trust and patronage. We also respect our employees. Most of all, we cherish all the moments, gestures and considerations that make each day a gift.

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